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Tile Cleaning and De-Scaling

Environmentally safe and highly affordable way to remove unwanted calcium deposits on pool tile, brick, rock or pebble tec surfaces. All without any harsh chemicals. Tiny glass beads are shot against the deposits under pressure, pulverizing the calcium without harming the pools surface. The calcium debris and glass beads settle to the bottom of pool and are removed by a vacuum. An average-sized home swimming pool takes only two to three hours to clean and is just a fraction of the cost of replacing tile.

Acid Wash or Chlorine Bath

Acid Washing is done by emptying the pool and spraying it with a small, diluted solution of muriatic acid. This acid solution will remove most stains and some mineral deposit buildup that is coating the top of the pool finish to reveal a bright, new layer of pool finish underneath.

A chlorine bath goes hand in hand with a Green Pool Cleaning Service. During a chlorine bath we drain the entire pool with an electric pump. The pump has an auto shut off so the customer doesn't have to be home or do anything during the pool drain process. We set the pump up, normally in the afternoon, then let it run overnight and come back the next morning to work.

During the chlorine wash we use several gallons of liquid chlorine which we pour directly onto the pool surface. We scrub the entire pool with the chlorine which kills and disinfects all contaminants including hidden algae spores. This is an effective treatment for swimming pool algae removal. Our chlorine is full strength, not diluted. The chlorine wash cleans the surface of the pool very well, removing dirt and some stains.

The Chlorine Bath is great for swimming pools with any kind of algae problem and is highly recommended for all green pools.

Green To Clean

Has your pool turned green? - In that case, Pool Medic, LLC will take your pool from green to clean and keep it that way. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality pool care service delivered at fair prices. From traditional backyard pools to upscale poolside settings, we specialize in all aspects of service, maintenance, and repair. Our trained technicians will take care of your pool quickly and efficiently.

Pool Medic
(928) 399-0097

Pool Equipment Service and Repair

Pool Medic, LLC can handle all of your pool repair and pool maintenance problems. We can help you with these types of pool repairs and more!

Pool Pump, Pool Motor, Pool Timers, Heaters and Valves

We repair/replace gaskets, seals, impellers, and electrical.


Any leaks around the pool equipment should be fixed. Water around the equipment is never a good sign and should be properly repaired. A leak allows air into the system, reducing performance and wearing the pool equipment out sooner.

Pool Light Repair and Replacement

We can replace burnt out pool light bulbs, replace bad gaskets, and determine and fix the cause of water in your pool light. Many times the bulb has gone bad because the GFI has gone bad. We will inspect, fix, and replace the GFI associated with the light and make sure all breakers are operating correctly.

Pool Filter Repair and Replacement

We inspect, repair, and replace all DE, Cartridge, and Sand Filters

Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner Repair & Sales

We can repair your automatic pool cleaner or install a new automatic cleaner.

Salt Cells  Fountains / Water Features / Hot Tubs

The pool has a variable-speed pool pump. While the homeowner may consider a seasonal timer, no other recommendation is suggested.

Pool Medic L.L.C. is a family owned and operated pool service businesses in the Valley and Verde Valley and has been servicing central and northern Arizona customers for more than 16 years. Pool Medic L.L.C. is insured, bonded and CPO certified. We have a complete staff of pool technicians and repairmen to service your swimming pool and spa needs.

Pool Medic L.L.C. is centrally located in the Camp Verde area to quickly respond to our customers. Servicing  SEDONA - CAMP VERDE  - VILLAGE OF OAK CREEK COTTONWOOD - CORNVILLE - PRESCOTT - CLARKDALE - RIMROCK - PRESCOTT VALLEY - DEWEY

Pool Medic L.L.C. works on all major manufactures of pool equipment, including various heaters and automatic cleaning systems. We are dedicated to keeping up with the most current technology, energy efficient systems and equipment.